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EWO Church History


The East White Oak Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1919, in the East White Oak Community. The original structure was built on land donated by Mr. Caesar Cone and Cone Mills Corporation, which has continued its long-standing tradition of service to the East White Oak Church and surrounding Community. Our present structure is built on a 10.6-acre tract of land that was also donated to the church in 1992 by Cone Mills.

The first official pastor of East White Oak was Reverend H.C. Hairston who served from 1919 until 1955. Reverend S.O. McLaughlin served from 1955 to 1956. Reverend George H. Brooks served from 1957 to 1982.  He led the church in the construction of a new edifice in 1964. Reverend George P. Allen served from 1983 to 1988. 












In 1989 East White Oak called Reverend Benjamin W. Mittman to serve as pastor.  Under his visionary leadership EWO constructed a new 800 seat 10,000 square feet Sanctuary and Office Unit in 1994.  In 2004 the former church building was renovated into a Fellowship Hall Building.  And in that same year, an 11,000 square feet Educational Building was erected. (See Photo on EWO Information Page)

The current East White Oak Church officials are as follows: 

Deacon Family Ministry: Deacon George & Regina Crawford, Facilitators, Grady & Thelma Sutton, William & Laura Torain, Ovid & Audrey White, Darryl Gatson, Vincient & Gwenda Whitt, Derrick & Keisha Davis, Roynald & Tandrea Wright, Marcus & Tonda Ervin, Jerrod & Miyako Woodhouse, James & Arlene Sims, Lamonte & Karen Hairston, DePaul & DeCarla Mittman, Tim & Denise Woods, John & Patrice Brown, Barry & Kathy Barrino. 

Senior Deacons Nathaniel McAdoo, Bossie & Josie Gatson, Clifton & Arnese Quick.

Trustees: Odell Wallington, Thomas Boone, Leonard Woods, Jennie Barrett, Flossie Smith, Gladys Coley, James Harrison.